You would love to have a full, curvy backside. You weren’t blessed with volume when it comes to your buttocks. You want to wear any kind of style and look your best. Buttock augmentation could be the answer for you. You can pump up the volume to meet your expectations for your figure. It all begins with understanding your options to enhance your buttocks. Your plastic surgeon can help you to determine the best direction to go for you. You can choose a buttock augmentation or you can go with butt implants.

What Does a Buttock Augmentation Involve?

A buttock augmentation takes excess fat from another part of your body so it can enhance your buttocks. The fat is removed through liposuction. It is then injected into your buttocks to give you your dream curves. Fat is typically harvested from the abdomen. One of the greatest advantages of this procedure is you are using a completely natural filler to enhance your buttocks. However, you need to have fat to spare in order for this to be an option for you.

What Do Buttock Implants Involve?

When you have buttock implants, your plastic surgeon will create openings in your buttocks in order to insert your implants. Your implants are made from silicone and will be the size that you have chosen. You will have more downtime with this procedure than you would with a buttock augmentation.

Which Procedure is Right for You?

You will need to think about your options before you make your final decision. Your surgeon will also have a say on what will work for you. If you are extremely slender or athletic, you may not have an adequate source of fat for a buttock augmentation. Buttock implants can give you more definition. Take a look at photos of patients who have chosen each type of procedure to decide which direction you want to go to achieve your ideal contours.

Talk with Us to Learn More About Buttock Augmentation

Your plastic surgeon is your expert guide when you are ready to talk about buttock augmentation. For more information, make an appointment at Kotka Erahaigla. At our convenient location in Tallinn, our surgeon will want to know what your goals are for your buttocks. Your backside will be evaluated, as well as the rest of your figure. Our surgeon will talk to you about your medical history as well to find out if you are at risk of complications. You should be in good health at the time of any surgery to have the best possible outcome. Your surgeon will discuss your options for buttock augmentation, helping you to choose the procedure that should have the best results for you. Once you decide on your plan of action, you can get ready to get your dream curves with help from your plastic surgeon. Contact us today to set up your consultation!