Project Description


Our services begin with a consultation, which is a very important component of the entire treatment plan. The consultation is the first meeting between you and the doctor, where your wishes, concerns, expectations and needs are clarified together. The doctor answers your questions, explains the details of the operation/procedure and the recovery process, chooses the best method to realize your wish and explains the expected results.

Our doctors are members of the international plastic surgery society ISAPS, they communicate in Estonian, Russian, English and Finnish and treat your body as a whole, always wishing you the best! In addition to Estonia, they have also studied in Russia, the USA and Western Europe, constantly improving themselves.

Our doctors:

The consultation lasts 20-40 minutes and takes place at the Kotka Private Hospital Plastic Surgery Center (Kotka 12, Tallinn). The cost of the consultation is €70 and the cost of dermatologist consultation is €100.
Book your time online, write or call +372 653 0777.

The consultation includes:

  • We find out your wishes, concerns, expectations and needs
  • The doctor will answer your questions regarding the operation, the recovery period and the results
  • The doctor will give you a first examination and explain the preparation and execution of the procedure
  • We ask for information about your state of health, medications you use and allergies
  • We take the necessary photos and notes
  • We inquire about previous operations and procedures
  • We explain the possible risks, side effects and complications of surgery or cosmetic procedures