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Laser Treatment for Scars

Armide laserravi

The laser used in the Kotka Private Hospital is intended for the treatment of scars resulting from operations, delivery and accidents. During the procedure, small lesions which are surrounded by normal skin, are created in the scar area.  By creating such controlled damage, collagen and elastin synthesize and activates in the surrounding tissues, thus significantly improving the appearance of the scar.

At Frax 1550, for treatment of scars, we use the latest Ellipse technology.

When should you come to seek IPL treatment for scars:

  • You want to get rid of the scars on your skin.
  • Simple cosmetic techniques have not helped you solve the problem
  • You are looking for the best solutions for taking care of your skin
  • You want a healthy, beautiful and shiny skin! You value your new look!

View photos before and after here.

Come prepared for the procedure!

  • Clean and moisturize your skin. When you come to the procedure, the skin is clean.
    Use at least 30 SPF and UVA sunblock daily, which helps prevent aging of the skin.
    Your skin should not be tanned. Depending on the type of skin, at least 2-4 weeks should have passed from the last tanning.
    Do not use self-tanning creams before and after the procedure.
    After undergoing the procedure abstain from the sauna, swimming pool and sunbathing for 2 weeks.
    Ask your doctor for advice on how to care for your skin after the procedure.


Up to 5 cm/1 cm² – 120 €
Up to 10 cm/5 cm² – 150 €
Next 2 cm/1 cm² – 40 €
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Your doctors

Dr Pille Kirjanen

Dr Bret Kaldvee