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It is clear that every man wants to be masculine and the masculine appearance is in many ways a premise for well-being.

The condition in which the volume of the male breast tissue has increased is called Gynecomastia. This is a fairly frequent problem during a man’s life; At some age, such a change is considered to be life-long or non-infectious (newborn, puberty, young men, elderly men). Various diseases (testicular tumors, obesity, kidney and liver disorder, HIV or other chronic diseases), drugs, and use of substances can enlarge the male breast tissue. The cause of Gynaecomastia is often unknown. In most cases, gynaecomastia is bilateral, but it may be present in only one breast (unilateral) as well.

A solution exists: Male breast reduction in the male breasts is a common procedure, the purpose is to achieve a flat, masculine chest. During the section, the surgeon removes excess fat, glandular tissue and, if necessary, the skin.

Reasons why one might want to undertake the procedure:

  • A large chest disturbs the normal life, you feel uncomfortable everywhere.
  • Breasts are flattened after surgery, your confidence increases.
  • The result is permanent when you are athletic and healthy.
  • Increase your confidence and enjoy the new and improved you!

Where to start?

The consultation Come and get in touch with an experienced doctor who can help you find the best solution for you, through a combination of different surgical methods if necessary. We’ll outline your expectations and the possibility of achieving these desires. We’ll talk about your health, how long the signs have been apparent and which medicines /substances are being used. Additional analysis and studies are scheduled if necessary.

Our doctors are fluent in Estonian, English, Russian and Finnish. They are members of the International Plastic Surgery Association ISAPS. Your body is treated as a whole.

Come in prepared:

  • Before the surgery, the doctor will draw the cut-off points for your skin, tell you about the operation and its outcome. Before- After Photos
  • The operation is performed with general anesthesia.
  • After surgery, you can spend a night under the care of friendly staff in our cozy hospital.
  • The day after surgery, your doctor will review your treatment and give you recommendations for wound care and reduce swelling. After 7-10 days, the threads are removed.
  • For recovery, it’s recommnded to take 1-2 weeks long sick leave.
  • 3-6 weeks after the operation it’s advised to wear compression post-surgical vest.
  • Sports activities are allowed 4-6 weeks after surgery.


Gynecomastia – from  2500 EUR
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Your doctors

Dr Jüri Kullamaa

Dr Pille Kirjanen

Dr Mart Eller

Dr Heiko Atna