Project Description

IPL Treatment for Rosacea


Each of us wants to have beautiful and brilliant skin. Rosacea is a chronic, facial skin disorder that afflicts around 40 million people worldwide. Rosacea is characterized by persistent flushing and redness of facial skin and enlarged blood vessels. In more severe cases, papules and pustules may also occur on the face. Often, the central part of the face – the nose, cheeks, forehead, and chin – are involved.

During IPL treatment it is advisable to undergo a treatment consisting of 3-5 procedures. The difference between procedures should be 4 weeks.

We use high-quality Ellipse technology for IPL treatment of redness. We take into account the type and severity of rosacea, and we prepare a treatment plan accordingly.

When should you come to seek IPL treatment for redness:

  • You want to make your skin significantly more beautiful in places where there is a problem caused by couperose or rosacea
  • Simple cosmetic techniques have not helped you solve the problem
  • You are looking for the best solutions for taking care of your skin

View photos before and after here.

Come prepared for the procedure!

  • Clean and moisturize your skin. Do not wear makeup when coming to the procedure
  • Use at least 30 SPF and UVA sunblock daily, which helps prevent aging of the skin.
  • Your skin should not be tanned. Depending on the type of skin, at least 2-4 weeks should have passed from the last tanning.
  • Do not use self-tanning creams before and after the procedure.
  • Ask your doctor for advice on how to care for your skin after the procedure.
  • No IPL treatment for redness is performed during pregnancy and lactation.​​​​​​​


Face – 190 €
Cheeks – 130 €
Nose – 90 €
Cheeks + nose – 150 €
Cheeks + chin – 150 €
Cheeks + nose + chin – 170 €

Your doctors

Dr Pille Kirjanen

 Dr Bret Kaldvee